A forward-thinking, trendy, salon of the future
A forward-thinking, trendy, salon of the future
A forward-thinking, trendy, salon of the future
A forward-thinking, trendy, salon of the future
Experience a Salon of the Future
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New Clients

The Peroxide New Client Experience

Hello new friend! We hope that you are looking forward to your hair appointment as much as we are! For new guests, we intentionally give ourselves more time to have a detailed consultation with you, and start off our color and chemical services with a Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment for a hair detox--you won't believe the difference that it makes by giving us an authentically clean canvas. Please choose the service that best suits you and your needs--not sure what kind of service you're looking for? Fill out a new client consultation form and schedule a consultation with us!
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Hello there and thank you so much for choosing Peroxide!

Our mission is to be a salon like no other by providing our guests with peace of mind knowing that the stylist behind the chair is a professional who has taken the time to research and study the chemistry of hair care. As much as we want to make you look good, we want you to feel good about the hair journey you are about to embark on.

Our approach to accepting new clients is a little different than your average salon--we want to really dive in to what your hair goals are and to have a clear vision of what you want for your hair, we don't want to just jump into a service without you feeling heard or without us being on the same page.
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As you pull into the beautiful Dunedin Commons complex, we will be on the right. Underneath the apartments is us and our favorite lunch place, Orange Blossom Cafe. On the outside, the building says Image Studios, and when you walk inside you will be greeted with a big beautiful chandelier and a comfy couch to the right of a hallway. Walk down the hallway, take a right, and you will see our salon and our waiting area.

Checking in: When you arrive, check-in using your Vagaro app and your stylist will be right with you. The main door is locked Monday-Saturday before 9am and after 5pm, and on Sundays, it is locked before 10am and after 5pm.
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We will start off with reviewing your consultation form together and making sure that we are on the same page. We never want to just rush into a service and leave you feeling unheard or anxious, we want you to feel relaxed and secure about your appointment.

Before starting any color service, we are going to start you off right with a Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment. Crystal Gel is an original natural wellness treatment that primes hair to ensure a flawless chemical service. Formulated to activate with water and transform into a gel, this treatment removes hard water, minerals, and chlorine from the hair and scalp, discoloration caused by iron and copper, and normalizes the pH and exfoliation rate of the hair and scalp.

Your hair color will be 100% customized just for you! We are the first salon in Florida to use a color lab inventory control system, or simply CLICS. CLICS is a digital hair color studio that completely optimizes the way salons formulate, dispense, and manage hair color. Because our CLICS system makes its own custom colors, we will never run out of a color, and it also automatically saves our formulas, so the days of having to re-formulate in the middle of a service or forgetting to write down your formula are long gone!

All of our services include shampooing, conditioner, and a blowout. We do offer some service upgrades such as Olaplex, K18, or even an exclusive color lock finishing treatment.

After we are all finished, we will have a mini photoshoot to take some pictures of your hair and finish up with a no-contact checkout.
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You will receive an email from us with some aftercare instructions along with some product recommendations just for you! The proceeds from the sales of our products goes into our salon education fund, and we appreciate everyone who supports our continued education.

If you post any pictures to show off your hair, please tag us!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email at info@peroxidesalon.com or check out our frequently asked questions page.

New Client Services

New Client Signature Haircut


Our signature haircut starts with a thorough consultation followed by a relaxing shampoo and conditioning session. After your cut, we will blow dry your hair and leave you with a bouncy blowout.

New Client All-Over Color


An All-Over Color is using hair color to deposit hair color that is darker than the natural hair color. Includes a malibu makeover to prep the hair canvas as well as a blowout.

New Client Highlight Appointment


Foil highlights will be applied throughout the hair from top to bottom to lighten and brighten the hair all over. Includes a malibu makeover to prep the hair canvas as well as a blowout.

New Client Balayage


Balayage is a highlighting technique which is the process of free-handing or sweeping hair color, lightener or toner downwards in soft strokes directly on the surface of the desired section. This method is used to create dimension with a natural, softer look. Includes a malibu makeover to prep the hair canvas as well as a blowout.

New Client Fantasy Color


Do you dream of fun, vibrant hair that will make unicorns, rainbows, and mermaids green with envy? Us too! An initial fantasy hair color appointment is a process that requires us to remove existing hair color before applying the color of your dreams.



Consultations are mandatory for all extension services, and are highly encouraged for all chemical services. A consultation is complimentary, and allows for you and your stylist to develop a hair plan to suit your needs so that the stylist can confidently offer you a price quote and ensure that they have everything that they need to help you reach your hair goals.

Hair Extensions Consultation


Hand Tied wefts are lightweight extension wefts that are sewn onto the hair in a row of beads (or braids for natural hair types). Machine wefts are thicker and fuller than hand-tied wefts and allow for custom sizing. Starting prices for deposits and installation are listed below.

Color Correction Consultation


If you need to fix a botched hair color or other color disaster, we need to see your hair first in person for a consultation so that we can make a hair plan that will keep your hair healthy, in-tact, and a more desirable color. Color correction services are $100/hour, and the length of time that it takes will be determined by what your existing hair is and what your hair goals are.

New Client Malibu Makeover


The Malibu Makeover provides dramatic results and immediate normalizing and revitalizing of hair and scalp that is oxidized, damaged and/or over-processed. Recommended in conjunction with all salon services on all hair types and all hair conditions.

New Client Curly Haircut


Your curls are beautiful and important to us, and we believe that in order to get them to look and feel their healthiest, we need to begin with a Malibu Makeover to detox your hair of hard water minerals and buildup in order for your deep conditioning treatment to be of optimal effectiveness.

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